Oh No!! What Happened to Mommy Wants Coffee?

Hey guys! So….in case you have been trying to visit my happy space lately and noticed things took a drastic turn…you were absolutely right! Some nasty little hacker got in here and completely messed things up, which means that the last two years worth of blog posts have been lost. Don’t cry for me…I did enough of that myself. Then I tried the half glass full approach and decided to look at this horrible event (ok..not totally over it) as a stepping stone to build this platform into something much bigger, better, and stronger than it was before!

Therefore, expect to see a lot more activity going on in the coming weeks and months as I work towards rebuilding this site into something beautiful again.  I will be re-writing some of the old blog posts and creating new content since so many new things have been happening in my world as of late.

Hope you all join me on my re-entry into the blogging world and I can’t wait to hear what has been going on with you!



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